A simple and flexible plugin built on top of Sylius ecommerce platform. Same spirit, same possibilities.

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What is Monofony ?

Monofony is a Symfony application scaffold that allows you to bootstrap a modern application by leveraging Sylius bundles and components, helping you to focus more on what truly matters to your use-case, rather than on the underlying infrastructure required to power things up.

Based on top of Symfony & Sylius

It’s an open-source micro-framework created by Loïc Frémont (a Sylius core team member). The project is based on top of the famous Sylius Resource & Grid bundles. It takes advantage of the Sylius power without the e-commerce part.

Create admin panels

These packages from Sylius are one of the biggest force of the project and creating admin panels has never been easier. It relies on the power of Doctrine ORM and Symfony to auto-generate filtered grids and pages to browse, read, add, edit or delete a resource.

Implements your business logics

This project is an alternative to EasyAdmin and Sonata-admin in PHP/Symfony ecosystem. Where the project stands out is in its flexibility and in its self-generated interfaces in order to integrate business logics.

Use API-Platform for your API

Use the Symfony official API package “API-Platform” to create your endpoints. An optional package is available to setup your first endpoints for security ones such as login, register, forgotten password.